Saint Mary's School

  • Renovation

    58,000 SF
  • Project Complete

  • Construction Cost


Originally constructed in 1835, Smedes Hall is the center point of the Saint Mary’s campus.  This 4-story building contains the student center, café, classrooms, ballroom / performance parlor, administrative offices (head of school, dean of students, admissions, college counseling), conference rooms, faculty apartments and two floors of student residence rooms.  Smedes Hall is listed on the Historic Register, and as such this comprehensive renovation and addition project was coordinated in detail in order to maintain historic charm while bringing the facility up to current building code and performance standards.  Completely new plumbing, fire sprinkler, HVAC and electrical systems were designed and installed.  Remote boiler and chiller facilities were also created to serve Smedes, as well as other parts of the campus.  A new central DDC control system was installed to ultimately serve the entire campus.  New stair and elevator towers were added to improve access and a new rear veranda enhanced the ability to use Smedes Hall for congregational events both inside and outdoors.