Onslow Memorial Hospital

  • New

    124,000 SF
  • Project Complete

  • Construction Cost


The new facility includes new Emergency/Diagnostic and Surgical Services, Central Sterile Services, a new Heliport and totals 93,000 SF of floor space and 31,000 SF of additional utility interstitial space.  The new building has four operating rooms designed to keep cords and as many other objects as possible off the floors. Lights and booms holding other equipment are suspended from the ceiling. An integrated system of screens mounted on the walls will allow doctors to see diagnostic images of the patients.  Other areas include special examination rooms for obstetrics and gynecology and sexual assaults; a minor procedures room for stitches and setting bones; a decontamination room for removal of biological or chemical contaminants; an isolation room; and a secure room for jail inmates. The new emergency department has 45 rooms, each separated with walls and sliding glass enclosures, as well as 3 triage rooms.  Also there is a pneumatic tubing system running through the building for transferring paperwork between areas such as the pharmacy and lab. Central energy services in this new facility include central plant chillers, emergency backup electrical power and connections to existing boilers, all with planned future expansion in mind.