North Carolina Department of Administration

  • Renovation

    190,000 SF
  • Project Complete

  • Construction Cost

    $38.5 M

This project is a complete gutting and renovation of downtown Raleigh’s Albemarle Building to modernize its office space and upgrade interior and exterior features. Nearly all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are replaced bringing the 50-year old structure up to code, increasing energy efficiency, and adding safety and ADA-compliant features typical with new construction today. Overall exterior improvements include two new prominent entryways, new windows and insulation, and upgraded street-level curtain wall. In addition, renovations involve complete hazardous material abatement.

Stanford White’s engineered systems include new domestic water, storm, sanitary, and vent piping plumbing systems. HVAC design incorporates primary, secondary, and specialized HVAC plus high-performance VAV systems. Electrical and lighting upgrades feature interior lighting with automatic shutoff, fire alarm and detection, security and telecommunications. Fire protection design includes new sprinkler system and extension of two water service mains for dual-feed configuration. Notable high-rise features include fire command center and stair pressurization.