Celebrating Staff!

Stanford White employees gathered for a lunch celebrating milestone anniversaries from 5 to 25 years!  In addition to a delicious catered lunch, the Stanford White team also participated in

Ice Cream Explosion

Any day is great for ice cream…but even better on a hot summer day right before a holiday! The team had a blast celebrating with ice cream plus a huge array of toppings choices – healthy and

Team Building in Small Spaces

Question: Can you have quality time with your co-workers by locking yourself in a room and trying to figure out a way to escape? Answer: Yes! We worked together Friday afternoon in three

Chili Halloween!

It was just chilly enough for a chili cook-off this year!  Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and this year our festivities included office decorations, a dessert baking contest, and chili

Picture Day!

Time for a group photo shoot. Everyone smile and be proud because, “We are Engineers!”#stanfordwhitelife

Engineer Plays in Hockey Finals

Our very own Will Caruthers played ice hockey in the PNC Arena, home of the Carolina Hurricanes.  Will’s amateur team ‘Top Shelf’ won the finals in dramatic fashion by a shootout.  A group from

40 Years! Stanford White Celebration

Wow!  What a celebration…40 years in the making.  The evening was so special, spending time reminiscing with clients, colleagues and friends.  When Herb Stanford began an engineering consulting

Why Photo The Ground During The Eclipse?

The path of today’s solar eclipse passed through the contiguous United States for the first time since 1979.  The 67-mile wide path of totality crossed over the campus of Western Carolina