Turning Sticky Notes Into A Quality Policy

A focus of our 2015 Strategic Plan is to concentrate on enhancing quality in everything we do at Stanford White.  The first step was to create a meaningful quality policy that could be owned by each member of our team.  How do you do that?  Well, we turned to Dr. Edward Marshall, a business consultant, to assist us with a collaborative approach aimed at gathering feedback and buy-in from our staff.  We utilized a meta-planning session as a visual technique for collecting ideas amongst a group.  By its simplest definition meta-planning accomplishes two things: it answers a question and builds consensus.  This brainstorming process began by everyone in the group writing down ideas, with each thought residing on an individual card (in our case a sticky note).  We then each presented our sticky notes to the group and pasted them on the wall.  Each idea was then processed and organized into categories, which amazingly presented a new collective and collaborative result of which individuals would otherwise not be aware.  Through this day long meta-planning session, we were able to craft a quality policy that speaks to us all, as a group and as individuals.  Pretty cool stuff!

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