Nash Community College

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Adjacent to campus, this new facility serves as the cornerstone to Nash Community College.  The building features 10 labs (physics, biology, micro-biology, anatomy, chemistry and computer), 11 classrooms, a teaching auditorium and 2 administrative office suites.

Plumbing design includes over 125 fixtures including both an acid waste piping and neutralization system and natural gas outlets for certain labs.  HVAC design includes 2 boilers, a chiller, 9 pumps, 5 air handling units, 15 exhaust fans and 54 VAV terminals.  Specialized HVAC features include fume hood exhaust, variable speed pumping and a complete DDC system.  Electrically, a full complement of power and lighting support the science and technology functions of this building.  Electrical features include a 1600 amp-480 volt switchboard, 18 distribution panels, a dimming system for the teaching auditorium, fully addressable fire alarm system, category 6 tele/data and rescue assistance equipment.