Town of Cary, NC

  • New

    12,200 SF
  • Renovation

    3,600 SF
  • Project Complete

  • Construction Cost

    $ 2.7M

This downtown project consists of renovations and additions to an abandoned 3,600 SF building, as well as streetscape improvements.  Originally constructed in 1946 as a movie theater, the building has served various purposes since 1970, most recently as an automobile parts store.  The Town of Cary purchased the property in order to preserve and honor a portion of its downtown history. Known as The Cary, the new design creates a multi-use cultural events space with a focus on performance, film, theater and music.  The total space of 15,800 SF includes a 181-seat tiered theater, balcony, lobby/pre-functory space, food service area, offices, toilets, dressing rooms, elevator and storage. The 3-story addition also allows for commercial office lease space. Public art is also incorporated in to the design.


To improve the downtown experience this project includes improved parking and streetscape upgrades such as pedestrian walkways, lighting and outdoor seating.


Mechanical and electrical infrastructure design for this project supports the compact nature of a downtown storefront building with the needs for a flexible and accessible performance facility.