UNC Chapel Hill

  • Renovation

    54,000 SF
  • Project Complete

  • Construction Cost

    $ 7M
  • Size

    3-story + penthouse

Originally constructed in 1968, Daniels Hall is the campus bookstore and includes open book retail spaces, workrooms and offices. Because of the year-round necessity of this student facility, this project was designed with 4-phases such that the building could remain operational throughout the construction process of a complete building renovation. All system replacements (plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, controls, power, telecommunications and fire alarm) were designed to avoid interruptions in service. Much of the existing structure was exposed as an architectural feature, therefore the design layout of mechanical and electrical equipment was critical. New plumbing systems included newly renovated group toilets and new fixtures for support spaces throughout. The existing fire sprinkler system was replaced with a combination wet and dry pipe ordinary hazard system. HVAC design allowed for the existing first floor air handling equipment to remain operational in phased capacity, as the new rooftop penthouse air handling unit (50,000 cfm) was gradually connected throughout the building to 35 new variable air volume terminals and new duct work. Also, new exterior 12” chilled water mains were run to both Daniels Hall and the nearby R.B. House Library. Electrical design included a phased replacement of most of the electrical system. A new switchboard and 23 new panels were designed along with connection to an emergency/standby generator. Other new systems include lighting, lighting controls, fire alarm, telecommunications (cat 6 & fiber optic), UNC One-Card system and isolated ground receptacles.