Why Photo The Ground During The Eclipse?

The path of today’s solar eclipse passed through the contiguous United States for the first time since 1979.  The 67-mile wide path of totality crossed over the campus of Western Carolina

Unexpected Guests

A family of four stopped by our office today.  A dad, mom and two kids showed up at our front door and toured the outside of our building in parade fashion.  When approached to say hello, they

The Artist Formerly Known As 3.1415

Most folks remember when the musician, Prince, legally changed his name to a symbol.  Well the symbol became so confusing to reference in everyday life that he became more commonly referred to as

Good Times. New Foods.

Our DEAL (Drop Everything and Lunch) event this month was a trip by our admin staff to The Cowfish in North Hills.  After braving the rain, we all settled in for a fun time with good conversation