The Artist Formerly Known As 3.14.15

Most folks remember when the musician, Prince, legally changed his name to a symbol.  Well the symbol became so confusing to reference in everyday life that he became referred to as “the artist

Good Times. New Foods.

Our DEAL (Drop Everything and Lunch) event this month was a trip by our admin staff to The Cowfish in North Hills.  After braving the rain, we all settled in for a fun time with good conversation


Having some Halloween fun has been a company tradition for several years now.  The day includes an office door decoration contest, bringing kids by for door-to-door trick or treating, a pumpkin

Back To School

This time of year marks the return to school for students after summer break.  Unfortunately, many of these young learners do so without the necessary school supplies that most of us take for

NCAA Awards Lunch

Like many groups, we have a NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket challenge. It’s all in fun with the winner awarded a year’s worth of bragging rights around the office. Through the years we have evolved

Spring Break

A couple of years ago our staff was given an official corporate backpack/cooler combination. No one is really sure what sort of business intentions, if any, were ever anticipated with such an

Christmas Sharing 2013

An annual company tradition for several years now, our staff spends a day together helping to fulfill Christmas gift wishes for at-risk families in our community.  We begin with a lunch together